Scraping : handling authentication

In the first article I showed how to extract data from CraigList website.
But what about the data you want or if the action you want to carry out on a website requires authentication ?

In this short tutorial I will show you how to make a generic method that can handle most authentication forms.

Authentication mechanism

There are many different authentication mechanisms, the most frequent being a login form , sometimes with a CSRF token as a hidden input.

To auto-magically log into a website with your scrapers, the idea is :

  • GET /loginPage

  • Select the first <input type="password"> tag

  • Select the first <input> before it that is not hidden

  • Set the value attribute for both inputs

  • Select the enclosing form, and submit it.

Hacker News Authentication

Let's say you want to create a bot that logs into hacker news (to submit a link or perform an action that requires being authenticated) :

Here is the login form and the associated DOM :

Now we can implement the login algorithm

    public static WebClient autoLogin(String loginUrl, String login, String password) throws FailingHttpStatusCodeException, MalformedURLException, IOException{
        WebClient client = new WebClient();

        HtmlPage page = client.getPage(loginUrl);

        HtmlInput inputPassword = page.getFirstByXPath("//input[@type='password']");
        //The first preceding input that is not hidden
        HtmlInput inputLogin = inputPassword.getFirstByXPath(".//preceding::input[not(@type='hidden')]");


        //get the enclosing form
        HtmlForm loginForm = inputPassword.getEnclosingForm() ;

        //submit the form
        page = client.getPage(loginForm.getWebRequest(null));

        //returns the cookie filled client :)
        return client;

Then the main method, which :

  • calls autoLogin with the right parameters

  • Go to

  • Check the logout link presence to verify we're logged

  • Prints the cookie to the console

    public static void main(String[] args) {

        String baseUrl = "" ;
        String loginUrl = baseUrl + "/login?goto=news" ; 
        String login = "login";
        String password = "password" ;

        try {
            System.out.println("Starting autoLogin on " + loginUrl);
            WebClient client = autoLogin(loginUrl, login, password);
            HtmlPage page = client.getPage(baseUrl) ;

            HtmlAnchor logoutLink = page.getFirstByXPath(String.format("//a[@href='user?id=%s']", login)) ;
            if(logoutLink != null ){
                System.out.println("Successfuly logged in !");
                // printing the cookies
                for(Cookie cookie : client.getCookieManager().getCookies()){
                System.err.println("Wrong credentials");

        } catch (Exception e) {

You can find the code in this Github repo

Go further

There are many cases where this method will not work : Amazon, DropBox... and all other two-steps/captcha protected login forms.

Things that can be improved with this code :

  • Handle the check for the logout link inside autoLogin

  • Check for null inputs/form and throw an appropriate exception

In the next post I will show you how to deal with captchas or virtual numeric keyboards with OCR and captchas breaking APIs !

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